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Strapping Tensioner and Cutter
12-19mm Polypropylene Strapping

In stock


  • Whole tool is heat treated for durability

  • For 12 - 19mm Polypropylene Strapping

  • Tensioner and Cutting in one

  • Weight 1.5Kg

  • Oilless bearings in handle and base.



This is a listing for our 12-19mm Strapping tensioner and cutter. Able to be used with multiple widths, this tool is ideal for any small warehouse or office for strapping parcels and pallets to be dispatched securely. 

With its low cost this tool is ideal for those unwilling to spend large amounts on tools and for general use. The tool has oilless bearings in the handle and base to make it clean and efficent for use. 

Strapping widths: 12mm - 19mm

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